Are there any free Web Hosting Services?

To create a website you must have a reliable hosting service. But what do you do if you simply can’t afford a hosting service? What do you do if you have to get your business up and running to then be able to afford web hosting services? Luckily, for businesses that are struggling or startups, there is a number of free web hosting services available. You may think that these hosting providers will offer a poor service, but you may be surprised! We have provided a list of 5 companies that offer a high-quality free web hosting service:


Positive Feature – No third-party adverts
Negative Feature – 1 Hour sleep period per day

This hosting provider has been offering free services since 2007 and they remain hugely popular. The uptime of this hosting package is 99% which is fantastic. The only issue, however, is that to save on costs, your website will experience 1 hour of downtime per day which actually reduces the uptime percentage to around 95%. Still, regardless of this fact, you are receiving 100GB of bandwidth, 1GB of disk space, 5 email accounts and 2 databases – not too shabby!



Positive Features – Support for MySQL and PHP
Negative Features – Limited disk space of 250MB

The name says it all – free hosting! This hosting provider has several different packages and their basic hosting service is free. The bandwidth (6GB) is more than adequate, but the storage space is quite limited at just 250MB. If you are including large photos or customer information on your website, you could soon run out of space. We feel this is the perfect hosting provider for personal blogs or simple landing page websites.

Positive Features – 250gb bandwidth
Negative Features – Limited services compared to paid packages certainly excels when it comes to bandwidth. Their free package includes 250GB which is way above any of the others on this list. The storage space is right up there too at 10GB. Standard features are available too such as FTP upload, email account creation and 1 MySQL database. Based solely on the bandwidth and storage, is one of the best choices.



Positive Features – No adverts / free email account
Negative Features – Only 1GB of storage space

Awarspace offers a no-nonsense free hosting service. The bandwidth and storage are average and you get an email account, database, and domain hosting. What makes this free hosting service stand out is the fact that they use CO2-neutral hosting – by using their service you are contributing to a greener environment!


Byet Hosting

Positive Features – Support for PHP and MySQL
Negative Features – Only 1GB of storage space

This provider is part of a largescale US reseller hosting provider. Their free hosting service is dubbed as one of the best in the world – we have to agree on most aspects. The features and bandwidth are more than adequate – you even get 5 email accounts and databases. The only let down we found was the 1GB of disk space – this could be limiting for some large businesses. As a first stepping stone in the world of hosting, Byet is certainly a contender.

As you can see, it is perfectly possible to gain free web hosting services for your business or a new startup. Even if you only use this type of service as a stop gap until you are up and running, you can still move on and upgrade to a paid hosting package afterward. Many of these free hosting providers do actually offer upgrades too!