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Fans of gaming are psyched about the PlayStation Store’s latest YouTube update, which now makes it possible to watch 360-degree videos in PlayStation Virtual Reality (PSVR) mode. Imagine that – being able to forget everything in your actual surroundings as you are ushered into the world of 360-degree video!

Keep in mind this is not quite the same as with most VR games and apps – you don’t have a full range of motion. Ideally, YouTube should be viewed in this mode sitting down.

Read on for some great tips on enjoying 360-degree video!

It all starts with a full software update. All updates you require can be purchased in the PlayStation Store. Then you just open the app and enjoy the new features and functions. The whole process can be completed in five easy steps.

  • Connect your PS VR headset.
  • Start YouTube on PlayStation 4.
  • On PS Virtual Reality, press View.
  • In the menu bar, go to 360 Videos.
  • Decide which video you want to watch and select it.

You might be asked in which mode you want to watch videos on YouTube after powering up your headset: normal or VR mode. Normal videos can run in cinematic mode. 360-degree videos run in Virtual Reality mode.

As it isn’t possible to view 360-degree videos through the web browser of PlayStation 4, you’ll need to go to the YouTube site.

Many don’t know this, but not all 360-degree videos are actually 3D. Hence the limited motion factor. Many of the 360-degree videos that laymen record are flat spheres of 360 degrees. This is why a lot of them will seem flat when viewed in Virtual Reality mode, but there are many excellent 360-degree videos on YouTube that are 3D.

The Best 3D 360° Videos on YouTube

So where can you find them? In the YouTube app, just search for “Best VR 3D 360 Video”. You’ll be redirected to a list of videos featuring tens of high-quality 360-degree products. Another easy way to go about it is by browsing YouTube for videos with “3D” in their titles for an enjoyable experience.

Best Quality

When you watch 360-degree videos in PSVR mode, the video streaming to your TV can sometimes appear grainy. You’ll get the best picture quality while you wear the headset with Sony, as they lower the TV resolution in this mode.

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