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A real arcade machine not only makes for a piece of authentic décor for your home, but can also be something your family and friends gather around to have fun. It is the perfect addition to a garage, basement, or recreational area. So what are some good places to buy one?

Local Classified Ads

This is the best option in terms of price and convenience. You won’t need to travel a long distance to get the machine, and buying from the owner directly guarantees a lower price. However, make sure the ad has a picture showing the machine clearly. Ideally, you should also be able to see its storage conditions in advance. If it has been kept in a moldy, leaky basement, it probably won’t be worth the investment.


The obvious downsides to eBay are high prices and shipping costs. However, the global retailer is a great source of high-quality arcade game parts, which can be yours for a low price. These are usually shipped from North America, the UK, and China. There are some good deals on arcade machines occasionally, with PayPal protection coming as an added bonus.


This site is also a good source of arcades, but we recommend researching the area where the game is located in advance. Don’t go to pick it up alone even if the area seems safe, not least because it’s too heavy for one person to carry. Ask the seller where the arcade is located before you go – i.e. basement, garage, etc. – and about its size to make sure it can fit into the vehicle you will be using for transport. Also, take the weather into account (unless you’re using a van or truck) to keep the machine from getting wet and damaged.

How to Get the Best Deal on an Arcade Machine

If the arcade is being stored in good conditions next to other arcades in a basement, this means the seller is likely to be well-versed and won’t sell cheap. Alternatively, if it is next to other machines in a filthy garage or basement, you’ll be offered a good price, but there might be something wrong with the game.

Word Choice is Key

If the ad contains words like “cabinet” and “control panel”, you’ve got an expert on your hands, who won’t sell for a low price. If not, this might mean the person is not aware of how much the machine is really worth – great news for you!

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